3-Gun Nation: Bandit Tactical Cup, International Match

3-Gun Nation: Bandit Tactical Cup, International Match


Bandit Tactical Cup will hold its international match, level 3 PSMOC airsoft sport sanctioned match on 1- 3 July 2016.

There will be 12 stages of handguns/ rifles and 3 stages of 3 gun classifiers at the Armscor Firing Ranges in Marikina, Philippines.

Organized by Alex Cruz, in a skype interview, she says that she expects to attract over 200 international and local shooters to take part at this year’s event.

There are no requirements needed when joining this event. Amateur shooters without guns will be able to borrow them. And for those international shooters bringing their own guns and equipment, they are able to do so by making sure that they have registered at least a month in before the event.

According to Cruz, she’s currently in the Philippines to make sure all the paperwork and gun permits are processed correctly and on time.
Cruz is an avid shooter, having started in Hong Kong in 2006 when she was first introduced to airsoft sport.

The last time that there was a practical shooting, level 3 event happened in 2011. Based on Cruz’s observations, in the past, there were many gun clubs in the country. But Cruz says some who used to play the games are no longer active. There are many reasons like no one leads it or no one organizes events such as these anymore. As a result, many have found other hobbies or do them individually.

Cruz says that she wants to bring this game back again. And everyone is welcome to join it – no matter your background, gender,  and socio-economic class.


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