Hatton Studios: the art of sustainable craftmanship in jewelry design

Hatton Studios: the art of sustainable craftmanship in jewelry design



Hatton Studios is Hong Kong’s contemporary jewelry hub that offers courses, a place for independent designer makers as well as having a gallery.

It’s also the only fair trade precious metals trade license holder. This is important for Nathalie Melville, founder and creative director at Melville/Hatton Studios. Having this license allows traceability of their supply chain but also of the sustainability of the craftsmanship.

In addition, rather than having a focus on mass production, Hatton Studios is more about on creating art with their designs. That’s because Hatton Studios focuses primarily on brand awareness and to help evolve the brands of the next generation.

Still, according to Melville, there has been an increase in workshops similar to what Hatton Studios offers. But instead of seeing them as ‘competitors,’ she says this challenges their own internal ideas to better increase their understanding of their craftsmanship.

Trends are important for Hatton Studios. But rather than trying to keep up, it’s about being aware of these trends – in a greater spectrum whether one is talking about political trends or economic trends.

Located in Sheung Wan, Hatton Studios attracts people from all walks of life from couples wanting to make their wedding bands, hobbyists who catch the buy and want to fill their jewelry box to people in the jewelry industry  who they inherit their family businesses and want to understand the processes.