Reinventing Vintage Clothing: Retrostone Store

Reinventing Vintage Clothing: Retrostone Store


Thomas Chui is founder and owner of Retrostone Store in Mong Kok. It focuses on vintage clothing and accessories.

Established in 1998, the store finds and sells authentic vintage clothing, for example, rather than just a ‘re-product’ or inspired from real vintage.

For Thomas, each vintage clothing has a story to tell.

Japan’s views on vintage fashion inspired Thomas to produce the ‘remake’ trend that has been ongoing since 2002.

Retrostone finds vintage goods primarily in Japan or in Bangkok. But according to Thomas, it’s easier said than done. Every year, he has to make sure that his vintage clothing and accessories are tailored to the season’s current trend.

For one, his vintage clothing is either re-sized or re-styled to fit the consumers’ needs.

With the rise of online shopping, Retrostone has had to adapt to these changes. But for Thomas, it’s about being different from other shops – especially at a time when retail stores in Hong Kong are not doing so well.

For this upcoming year, Retrostone is constantly on the lookout for local artists, photographers, and designers to collaborate with his vintage store and to create new concepts.